These questions and answers are specific to KCC. For information about coronavirus, please visit the Centers for Disease Control.

Do have to be vaccinated to visit KCC?

No. As of July 13, 2022, the governor's executive order regarding vaccination has not been renewed.

What is KCC's mask policy?

Masks are optional for everyone. 

Is campus open?

All college facilities are open.

Where do I ask questions about taking classes online?

Canvas is the learning management system used for KCC's online, hybrid and enhanced face-to-face courses. To learn how a course using Canvas works: log in to Canvas using your KCC username and password. When you log in for the first time, there is an invitation to take the Canvas student orientation course. Click on the announcement or the Help link in the lower left corner of the Canvas screen at any time to enroll.

Also note, lab and technology fees are the same for online and in-person classes because the college still incurs a cost to present coursework — whether it is in person or through remote learning.

I was diagnosed — or had COVID-19 symptoms. When can I return to classes?

Reports by students with COVID-19 are now being treated as normal sick requests. Please work with your professors to plan your coursework.

Are counseling services still available to KCC students?

Yes, Transformative Growth Counselors are available. Call 630-423-6010 or visit www.transformativegrowth.org. Tell them you are a KCC student.

Additional referral resources are on the Counseling and Referral Services page.

Effective Aug. 17, 2020, KCC tracks cases of students and employees confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. This chart will be updated as the college becomes aware of new confirmed cases.

The chart shows positive cases for individuals who have recently been on campus or potentially in close contact with others on campus.

In each case, the area undergoes additional deep cleaning and all individuals with potential contact are communicated with directly.

Anyone experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms as outlined by the CDC are strongly encouraged to stay home.

KCC COVID-19 Confirmed Cases


Current Week
(Week of Sept. 7)
(As of Aug. 17)
Students N/A N/A
Employees N/A N/A
Total N/A N/A
Last updated: N/A

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